Vol­un­teer­ing in Tohoku

Catholic Church in Japan opened 8 vol­un­teer cen­ters (Car­i­tas Base) in Iwa­te, Miyagi, and Fukushi­ma pre­fec­tures to sup­port peo­ple affect­ed by the earth­quake, tsunami, and the nuclear pow­er plant acci­dent. Car­i­tas Bases accept vol­un­teers and coor­di­nate activ­i­ties.

For fur­ther infor­ma­tion, please see the fol­low­ing websites.(Japanese text only)

-Sap­poro Car­i­tas Miyako Base (Miyako City, Iwa­te Pref.)
Car­i­tas Otsuchi Base (Otsuchi Town, Iwa­te Pref.)
Car­i­tas Kamaishi (Kamaishi City, Iwa­te Pref.)
Car­i­tas Ofu­na­to Base (Ofu­na­to City, Iwa­te Pref.)
Car­i­tas Yonekawa Base [sup­port for Minamisan­riku Town] (Tome City, Miyagi Pref.)
Car­i­tas Ishi­no­maki Base (Ishi­no­maki City, Miyagi Pref.)
Car­i­tas Minami­so­ma (Minami­so­ma City, Fukushi­ma Pref.)
Iwaki Sup­port Sta­tion “Momi­noki” (Iwaki City, Fukushi­ma Pref.)

Vol­un­teer­ing in Tokyo

Tran­scrip­tion and Trans­la­tion
CTVC pro­vides Voic­es from FUKUSHIMA! to trans­fer the sit­u­a­tion after the Fukushi­ma Dai-ichi nuclear pow­er plant acci­dent and the sto­ry of peo­ple liv­ing in or evac­u­at­ing from Fukushi­ma. Vol­un­teers are need­ed to tran­scribe from the talk ses­sions on Fukushi­ma (in Japan­ese), and to trans­late into oth­er lan­guages such as Eng­lish, French, and Span­ish.
Please con­tact the CTVC office if you can sup­port us.

Vol­un­teer­ing to Sup­port Evac­uees
Kirakira­boshi Net is sup­port­ing fam­i­lies evac­u­at­ed to Tokyo due to the Fukushi­ma Dai-ichi nuclear pow­er plant acci­dent.
Click here for fur­ther infor­ma­tion (in Japan­ese).